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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After the Chiefs latest trade on Tuesday, fans are debating if the team took a $105.5 million gamble.

Just two days before the NFL Draft, the Chiefs picked up defensive end Frank Clark in exchange for draft picks, including this Thursday’s first-round pick.

The airwaves exploded with Chiefs talk on Tuesday.

“This is the guy that`s gonna put us over the top,” Frank Boal with Sports Radio 810 said.

Many experts were cheering for the move that will most likely make the Chiefs better on the defensive side of the line.

But others had questions about the Chiefs acquiring another player with an arrest for domestic violence in his past. It’s an issue that’s been a problem with two other star players on the Chiefs roster.

“If the Chiefs didn’t think they would catch a little guff from fans for this, then they’ve misread the community,” Todd Leabo with Sports Radio 810 said.

Clark was kicked off his college team at Michigan in 2014 after the arrest. His charge was later pleaded down to disorderly conduct.

He made headlines again as a pro in 2017 when he taunted a women who was writing about domestic violence in sports. He posted a tweet, hinting she’d soon be fired and that he’d give her a job cleaning his fish tank.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t care what anyone does as long as you can play football and win, and there are going to be plenty of people who don’t care how good you are at football. If you done anything in the past, they’re not going to like you. And most people are probably in the middle,” Leabo said.

It’s a debate Chiefs fans know all too well.

Running back Kareem Hunt was released last year after video surfaced showing him in a violent episode with a woman in a hotel room.

Receiver Tyreek Hill, also arrested for domestic abuse in college, is now involved in an ongoing child abuse case at his home, and has appeared at court hearings to have his child returned from state custody.

Leabo believes the Chiefs must have faith in Clark’s ability — and character — with a new reported $105.5 million contract offered up.

“They must feel that this player is not going to be trouble and has no trouble in his recent past or his near future or it would be a pretty big mistake to give that kind of money to him,” Leabo said.

The Chiefs said they couldn’t comment on Clark until he completes his physical and finalizes his contact signing.