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RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Chiefs Dwayne Bowe will play in Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos following his Sunday, Nov. 10th arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Read more here.

An incident report details how an officer found marked containers with medical cannabis in Bowe’s vehicle, items the star wide receiver said were not his.

Riverside police said an officer arrested Bowe on Sunday, Nov. 10, for speeding and possession of marijuana. Police said an officer was parked and using radar on West Platte Road and N.W. Business Park at about midnight on Sunday, Nov. 10, when they said Bowe was detected going 48 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The police officer pulled over Bowe’s black, 2011 Audi A8 and when he approached the car asked its occupants where they were heading. Bowe proceeded to ask the officer if ‘Sonic was still open at this time.’

The officer asked Bowe for his license and proof of insurance; however Bowe stated that he didn’t have his license with him and instead retrieved a passport from a small black leather bag. The officer said while speaking with the occupants of the car he detected a strong odor of marijuana.

According to court documents, before his arrest Bowe had flown in to the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport and told officers that he had smoked while at the airport. An officer asked Bowe if there was anything illegal in the car and Bowe told him there was not.

The officer asked Bowe the same question and informed him that his K-9 unit was aggressive and would scratch at an item where it detected a hit. The officer told Bowe he didn’t want the dog to damage the vehicle. Bowe again insisted there was nothing illegal in the car.

After requesting the driver and passengers get out of the car, the officer hand searched the inside of the car and inside found a black bag, where Bowe’s wallet and expired Florida driver’s license were discovered. He also retrieved two containers of what he believed to be marijuana. One labeled with ‘Bubba Kush’ written in black marker which contained 6.5 grams, and another labeled ‘Fire 0.6’ also written in black marker with 3.8 grams in it.

The labels indicated that the substance was medicinal cannabis from California and Bowe told an officer that his brother may have mistakenly put it in his bag.

The dog then alerted the officer to a black backpack, where the officer said another container which was labeled as medical cannabis from California with ‘Apollo 11’ written on it in black marker was found that had 4.2 grams of suspected marijuana inside it. 

One of Bowe’s passengers, George Thompson, said the backpack belonged to him.  The officer then searched him and reported finding two hand rolled cigarettes, containing approximately 2.2 grams of suspected marijuana.

Bowe and Thompson were both transported to the Riverside Police Department for booking.

Bowe was charged with speeding and possession of a controlled substance with a bond of $750.

Thompson was charged for the possession of a controlled substance with a bond of $500.

A third passenger in the car, who was not charged, posted bond for both men and they were released with a court date of December 18, 2013.            

 The Chiefs released a statement Tuesday saying they were “aware of the situation, but have no further comment at this point.”

NFL Spokesperson Greg Aiello told Fox 4’s Rob Lowe the incident “will be reviewed under our policies, which hold players accountable for drug or alcohol-related violations of law.”


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