Childhood portrait whisked 30 miles away by Perryville tornado returned to woman who cherishes it

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PERRYVILLE, Mo. — A painting swept away by the tornado in Perryville has been returned to its rightful owner.

The painting was on the wall of the home of Sue Spencer, who was away in Chicago when the tornado hit. It was later found in Jackson County, Illinois, about 30-40 miles directly east of Perryville.

Cirstin Hahs holds a painting belonging to her family. It was swept away by the tornado in Perryville and found in Jackson County, Illinois before being returned.
“You can’t replace this. My grandma painted a picture of me and made it through this tornado, and I have it back in my hands because people cared that much to get it back to me,” said Spencer’s granddaughter Cirstin Hahs.

The painting is just one of many items the family found through social media. It was returned by Tonia Buretta from Campbell Hill, Illinois.

“It’s not in that bad condition considering it traveled more than 50 miles in a tornado,” said Buretta.

Shortly after speaking to News 4, the family learned more of their items had been found. They say they are coordinating through Facebook to get them back.

“Multiple things are being found all over and people are driving long distances to bring it to us, and I feel the love. God is good right now right now. He has a plan, and we’re gonna do everything we can to move on,” said Spencer’s grandson Duncan Hahs.

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