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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Royals have created a lot of fun nights in Kansas City with watch parties all across the metro but a few families say watching the games has done more than given them fun it’s given them hope when it seems most hope is gone.

Teresa Sanders’ seven-year-old daughter, Darley, has Cerebral Palsy. When her medication stopped working a few weeks ago, Darley’s seizures became unstoppable. Sanders was forced to make the hard decision to put her daughter in a coma to get the seizures under control.

“Just watching her vitals, we want her to be comfortable,” Sanders said.

But Teresa knows when her daughter wakes up, there will be one thing, that brings her comfort.

“Darley’s a Royals fan,” she said.

So nurses decorated her room.

Nurses like Marissa, come in and sit at Darley’s bedside for every single game.

“It brings everybody together. It can take a critical situation into a happy one,” R.N. Marissa Beidelschies said.

Nurses even made Darley a Royal’s sticker.

“The staff comes in, dodges in your room watches the game with you. Even seeing them a few days after the game, saying ‘Hey remember that play? We’re ready for the next play!’ It lightens your day,” Sanders said.

The type of Royals’ pride that illuminates down the hall to eight-year-old Weston. He has epilepsy and just got out of a coma.

“He’s gonna be excited,” Weston’s mom, Amber Leach, said.

Weston now holds a Royals’ sign above his head, something his mom says has given him more inspiration to push forward.

“The feel of this city, you know the Royals, they’re really fighting for Kansas City,” said Leach.

For these families it’s more than a baseball game, it’s an escape, even if just for a little while.

“Go Royals! We know you’re fighting for everyone in Kansas City, including Darley,” Sanders said.

Teresa says when Darley gets out of her coma they hope to take her to a World Series game.