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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –A steady stream of patients of all ages made their way to the first floor of Children’s Mercy Thursday afternoon for a surprise visitor. The LEGOLAND  crew, including master builder Jeremiah Boehr  and the LEGOLAND mascot were waiting to surprise them.

As a part of LEGOLAND building day, children got to work with the LEGOLAND crew and build their best creation.

Noah Nims said he was thrilled that LEGOLAND visited the hospital. The 15-year-old has been in and out of the hospital since he was five. Nims says his stays sometimes last for weeks at a time, and it can get a little boring. He said LEGOLAND gave him something to look forward to.

“It does brighten everyone’s day, especially when it’s gloomy outside,” Nims said. “It’s great to see all the kids smile and everything.”

At the end of the day, children turned in their creations in exchange for tickets to LEGOLAND, where their creations will be put on display in the discovery center.