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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Christmas comes early for several children across the Kansas City metro.
Local law enforcement agencies teamed up with Children’s Mercy to make it happen.

Officers had gifts in hand for kids going through the fight of their lives in a program called “Elves of Christmas Present.”

Seventeen-year-old Sofia and Officer Emma Mcullough plot their Christmas surprise for 6-year-old CJ Franklin.

CJ was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 2 and leukemia at age 5. His resilience shines through this smile.

Olathe police officers showed up at his front door with a box full of presents.

Believe it or not, getting gifts wasn’t his favorite part. It was giving them.

He rode along virtually – with St. Joseph Missouri police, swat and fire to deliver Aiden’s presents.
He’s a fellow 6-year-old superhero fighting a rare muscle cancer.

Nine kids across Kansas City and state lines were part of this gift giving chain linked by law enforcement.

“They’ve already gone through so much in their life so just to be a part of something so special is just really amazing,” Mcullough said.

“It’s nice to see other people noticing children that are so young, going through something that is way bigger than they should be going through at their age,” Ashley Sleppy said, CJ’s mom. “To be giving to them to make their way, or to make them happier, it makes you feel good.”

CJ’s Christmas elf, Sofia, is no stranger to those struggles. She battles bone cancer. Sofia stays positive, spreading strength through these yellow wristbands

“This says Sofia strong. So I have to be strong through all my treatments and stuff.”

People like Patrick Mahomes wear her wristband so they can be “Sofia strong.”

Sofia is on the move again, already making plans to gift the Olathe Police Department.