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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We all have our own special ways of ringing in the new year, whether it’s banging pots and pans or dressing to the nine’s for a fun party but there’s one metro couple in particular who says they’re sure the way they brought in 2016 was best of all.

Josh and Anna Bubeck were planning to go to a hotel on the Plaza to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but little did they know, someone had other plans. Anna was 36 weeks pregnant, and they went in for their routine checkup New Year’s Eve afternoon.

“They very casually told us hey, you’re going to have this baby today,” Josh Bubeck said.

The next thing she knew, she was in labor. Watching the clock, Anna asked a request of her doctor.

Photo courtesy of Children's Mercy Hospital
Photo courtesy of Children’s Mercy Hospital

“Go really slow so we can make it till midnight. But once before midnight got there I was like ok we can speed this up. I don’t know if I wanna wait quite till midnight,” Anna Bubeck said.

Anna got her wish. Brecken Bubeck entered the world at 12:22 am, making him the first baby of 2016.

“It’s a great feeling and awesome that everything could come together on New Years Day like this,” Josh said.

But the New Year family won’t get to leave the hospital any time soon. Brecken was born with Gastroschisis, which means his intestines formed outside his body. He was rushed to surgery after he was born but doctors say he’s going to be okay.

“He’s definitely been a fighter. You look at him and can tell he’s still a fighter doing great. Everything so far has gone very well,” Josh Bubeck said.

While mom dad and Brecken have a long road ahead, they say there’s no other way they would’ve wanted to ring in 2016.

“It’s a really fun start to the new year.”

The family says little Brecken should be in the NICU for another two months or so. Doctors say his prognosis is good.

Photo courtesy of Children's Mercy Hospital
Photo courtesy of Children’s Mercy Hospital