Christmas tree sellers not concerned over shortage


FLORISSANT, Mo. — Christmas tree lots are ready to open.

Lynn Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Farms Christmas Trees, said their first truckload of trees looks great.

“Today we unloaded mainly some taller trees from 11-foot to 18-foot trees is what we unloaded today. They look really good. They’re nice and full so I think people will be happy this year,” he said.

But a late frost in Michigan means some of the trees won’t make harvest this year. A frost signals the tree it’s time to go to sleep for the winter. Trees that are not dormant cannot be harvested.

“Well, there is a shortage this year. Worse than last year I believe,” he said.

Despite this shortage, Sullivan isn’t too concerned.

“Every year we build a bigger relationship with more and more growers and not only just Michigan but in North Carolina, and Oregon and Nova Scotia, Canada. So we have a good line on trees and I don’t think the shortage will really affect us much this year,” said Sullivan.

“That’s where most of the increase is. We have a real, real problem getting truck drivers to pick up the Christmas trees in a timely manner,” he said.

When the Sullivan Farms Christmas tree lots open, they say you don’t have to rush out.

“Don’t panic we’re going to have plenty of trees this Saturday, Black Friday, the Saturday after, and the Saturday after that. So I don’t want anybody to feel like they’re not going to get a tree. Come to Sullivan Farms. We’ve got one for you,” Sullivan said.

And Sullivan said he’s so thankful for all of the continued support and business from the community.

“We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

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