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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A Raytown family and church community are in disbelief after 60-year-old Harry Stone was shot and killed. Stone was gunned down near 67th & Blue Ridge on Sunday morning.

Stone’s daughter says he liked to run.

“He took great pride in his physical well-being,” said the victim’s daughter, Susan Li.

She says he also loved to help people.

“Dad was willing to help,” she said. “He was willing to give himself.”

Few people knew that better than Londia Granger-Wright, the lead pastor at Stone’s church.

“He just did it and never had an ulterior motive,” Granger-Wright said.

He really liked working with children. The church’s playground is in good condition thanks to Harry helping fix it up and paint it. Now, his daughter wants a stranger to do what her father always did, help.

“Do the right thing,” she said.

The metro squad is working on leads while Stone’s church family is praying. But, don’t expect them to ask why it happened or why Harry?

“God gave all of us free will and we can use that will for good or for evil, in this case it’s been used for evil, ” said Granger-Wright. “I think if Harry was standing here today he would say don’t spend time saying why?? He would say live your life God gave you life, love each other, be for each other.”

Members of Stone’s church were among the first to find out what happened. His wife is a pastoral assistant. She was set to preach on Sunday morning to fill in for the pastor. Pastor Wright says Stone’s home and church families will lean on one another. As for the investigation, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

On Monday night, police chased a car that matched the description of one seen on surveillance video near where Stone was shot. The chase ended near 61st & Agnes in Kansas City. Officers impounded the car and took a man to the Jackson County Jail for questioning.