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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Public Works department began a citywide litter and tent cleanup initiative to remove trash in public right-of-way areas, including the homeless camp that returned to Westport.

The department, along with the Housing and Community Development department, requested the assistance of KCPD to help with the cleanup at various locations to cleanup and to “coordinate services for any houseless city residents present.”

City code prohibits littering and depositing of personal property in public right-of-way (Sec.62-89). Litter pickup in the public right-of-way is a regular activity supported by Public Works crews that happens frequently around Kansas City. City code also prohibits tenting on property without landowner consent, which becomes a life safety concern for persons occupying public property (Sec. 50-107). 

Public Works Department Statement

The tents began appearing again in the area after the city ended the homeless hotel program.

“Safety and visibility for our residents and the traveling public and cleanliness of our right-of-way remains our responsibility under City Code,” Public Works Director Michael Shaw said. “Our goal is to keep the right-of-way clean and safe. Public Works was glad to help with this coordinated effort to ensure safe and litter free right-of-ways. All the while, we are proud to continue to support the City’s effort in assisting our houseless citizens in obtaining much needed assistance.”