Kansas City invites public to discuss growth plans for Country Club-Waldo area

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city says public participation is “essential” in developing and planning different parts of the Kansas City, which is why the Planning & Development group hosted its second of two open meetings Thursday afternoon.

Neighbors and people who work in the Country Club/Waldo area joined city leaders at the Brookside campus of Research Medical Center off of Rockhill Road to discuss a 3,300-acre stretch of the city; from E 55th to Paseo and Troost and from E 85th to State Line Rd.

The focus for the “County Club Waldo Area Plan” is a compilation of strategies for the future, as well as evaluation of what exists. Topics included business development, neighborhoods, building up the area’s economy, and open space and urban design. The city said it’s also going to ask residents about area transportation; how “walkable” or how “bikable” are the roads. They started these efforts in March and will continue through January 2018.

The city has done work in 14 of 18 areas like this one; they’re currently working through the remaining four. They said they’ve seen positive changes.



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