KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Transit-only lanes could be added to the KC Streetcar expansion project. The lanes would designate a portion of the street to transit vehicles only and be well-marked to alert drivers.

During Wednesday’s city council meeting, council members heard from experts with the Streetcar Authority about what the lanes would look like and how they could impact traffic.

Tom Gerend with the KC Streetcar Authority said they’re exploring all options to help maximize the project’s potential.

“We are building a generational investment on Main Street with a $352 million project, great improvements, great opportunities,” Gerend said.

Project managers said transit-only lanes along the expanded route could increase safety for riders, pedestrians, and improve traffic for everyone on the road.

“We have improvements to the pedestrian experience up and down main street, pushing some of the auto and truck traffic off of the curb to some of the center lanes is an added benefit,” Gerend said.

Currently planned sections for the lanes include Pershing Road to 27th Street.

Council members also heard about design considerations and other details like access, enforcement, traffic volume, signal priority and parking.

“What’s most important is the reliability and dependability of the service,” Gerend said. “Providing more predictability for the riders, a higher quality of service overall. Not just for this section of Main Street but really for the entirety of the alignment.”

The experts with the Streetcar Authority will gather more information about the impact of the lanes over the next three months before reporting back to the city council.