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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Violence has put Kansas City in the national spotlight for something other than the AFC Championship.

Two were killed and more than a dozen were injured in a shooting outside a nightclub late Sunday, just hours after the Chiefs’ win secured a trip to the Super Bowl.

The owner of 9ine Ultra Lounge is former Chiefs player Alphonso Hodge, so the party at his bar Sunday night was a big one. The club was packed with hundreds of people and there was a line to get in. But gunshots interrupted Kansas City’s celebration.

“Something happened last night that marred what was an exciting night, euphoric night for the people of Kansas City,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said.

Police said a disturbance in the line to get in ended in gunfire. At least 15 people were injured, and one woman and the suspected shooter died.

A security guard inside the club told police he heard a commotion, went outside and confronted and killed the shooter.

“Multiple firearms were involved, so we think the security guard’s actions definitely saved lives,” KCPD Chief Rick Smith said.

One of the guns found had a high-capacity magazine, so this tragic situation could have been worse.

Kansas City police had extra patrols out in the entertainment districts. In fact, police patrolling drove by 9ine, located near 40 Highway and Noland Road, just one minute before the shooting.

Officers returning to a chaotic scene.

“We had hundreds of people fleeing in cars and on foot, all kinds of things last night. It was very intense scene to say the least,” Smith said.

The 9ine Ultra Lounge opened in April 2019. Sources say since June, police have been called to the bar 26 times for situations such as shots fired to fights. This month alone, police have been called to the bar seven times. Just last week, they were there for a drive-by shooting.

On Tuesday, city leaders will meet with Regulated Industries to decide if 9ine Ultra Lounge is a nuisance and possibly revoke its liquor license.

“We frequently inspect clubs,” Lucas said. “We understand that any business in Kansas City has due process rights, but we also understand people in this community have a right to be safe.”

Smith said city leaders have been meeting for a month, putting together a security plan for Super Bowl night and possible parade. He said law enforcement officers from around the region will be here to help out.