LENEXA, Kan. — The City of Lenexa recently took control of the historic Lenexa Cemetery, which predates the city itself by roughly 30 years.

It’s a move meant to make sure the necessary work around the cemetery can continue, but the first steps are already making it easier for residents and people who have loved ones buried there to navigate the space.

“We pride ourselves on the service we provide and so the cemetery is just another service we can provide our residents,” said Lenexa Recreation Superintendent Marisa Shartzer.

That’s why the city has already launched a new website for the cemetery and is working on what could happen in open greenspace to the north.

“It ties into our Vision 2040 plan where we connect people to our history but also natural beauty,” Shartzer said.

The cemetery has already been making that connection for Frank Roe, who moved into a home across the street from the cemetery about two years ago.

“It’s just such a span, from the mid 1800’s to now,” said Roe, referring to the dates on the headstones. “To see the railroad come in to Civil War, I know, this was, I’m sure a much different place.”

“The cemetery provides an opportunity to preserve someone’s identity and name for the long term which then helps them connect to the past,” Shartzer said.

Helping carry on 150 years of history for the next generation.

“I think that it’s probably difficult to keep the cemeteries up and to make it part of the city, its history and heritage, as something the city takes care of. I think it’s a great idea,” Roe said.