OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — More information is coming out about the departure of former Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez.

The City of Overland Park confirms it was in the process of firing Donchez when he resigned.

Donchez and Sheila Albers’ long running feud boiled over at Monday night’s city council meeting.

Albers’ son John was killed by an Overland Park police officer during a mental health crisis in 2018.

When she questioned Donchez about the handling of that officer’s termination and payout at Monday’s meeting, Albers claims Donchez told her she and her husband had left John in a time of need.

Albers emailed the mayor and city manager. City Manager Lori Curtis Luther now says after she confirmed the conversation with Donchez, she began the termination process.

Donchez resigned first, resulting in his immediate dismissal.