City-sponsored program aims to fix up metro homes in disarray


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They say a family’s home is its castle.

Sometimes, even castles need repairs, which is the mission behind one city-sponsored program meant to spruce up homes in disarray.

Brian Dennis, a Kansas City native, described his neighborhood near Floral Park as being quiet and peaceful. That’s why Brian and his wife have invested in their 80-year-old home, which until last month, needed urgent roof repairs.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I needed it bad, so I’m going to say 10, being the highest. I needed it really bad,” Dennis said.

Dennis is one of roughly 200 homeowners who’ve received home repair work from the city at no charge, thanks to Kansas City’s Home Repairs Program. That effort uses $2.5 million in federal money to repair roofs and perform electrical work and plumbing for homeowners who qualify via Housing and Urban Development. 

“It saved me a lot of money by getting the roof done by the city,” Dennis said.

Kansas City’s office of Neighborhoods and Housing Services manages home repair programs like this one, including another that paints houses. John Baccala, that office’s spokesperson, said the city believes sprucing up homes can have a long-term effect on a neighborhood’s well-being.

 “When people do home improvements, it tends to multiply around the neighborhood,” Baccala said. “Everybody re-invests in the neighborhood. When you have a stable neighborhood,  police will tell you, you have less crime. You have less trouble than you do in neighborhoods where the housing stock isn’t as well cared for as it is in these cases.”

The deadline to apply for 2020 assistance via this program is Friday, Sept. 18 at noon. 

You can learn more about the home repair program via this link.



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