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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — College students started moving into dorms on the University of Missouri, Kansas City campus Monday. They face many changes because of COVID-19.

Students can’t all show up at the same time due to social distancing issues. The move-in process has therefore been redesigned to reduce crowding by spreading activity out over six days instead of the usual three.

Ashanti Woodson and her grandmother, Shelia White, are among the first to get settled. Like all students living on campus, Woodson had to produce a negative coronavirus test before being allowed to move in.

“I believe she can stay focused,” White said about her granddaughter. “Although I would rather her get the full benefit. I feel like she’s been cheated since graduation with the drive-by (ceremony.) But I have a great deal of confidence that she will stay focused and get the learning that she needs.”

Most of Woodson’s classes are online, something that’s not ideal for most students. Many prefer in-person education, but recognize it’s just not possible with virus numbers at their current levels.

Each student has only 90 minutes to get all their belongings into their new home. Students are allowed only two helpers, and only one person can use the elevator at a time.

“Basically, the plan is to minimize the occurrences of COVID with three strategies, which is face coverings, hand hygene and physical distancing. We feel like we can keep things under control with those three strategies,” John Martellaro, UMKC spokesperson, said.

Classroom space will be restricted to 25 percent capacity. Dining halls on campus also will be restricted to 50 percent occupancy. Self service meals, like salad bars, have been eliminated. All food will be served by staff or prepackaged.