Claustrophobic woman claws her way out of bathroom

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HOUSTON – A woman clawed her way out of her work’s bathroom after being trapped there after hours.

Karen Perrin works for a private family foundation as a senior assistant in Houston, Texas. On Friday night around 10 o’clock, she was finishing up a project for her boss and began preparing to go home for the evening when she decided to use the restroom.

“I wrapped things up at my desk, packed my work bag, went to the ladies room for a quick trip there before departing,” Perrin told Fox News.

However, when she was finished washing her hands, she went to open the door and it was locked.

“The door would not budge,” said Perrin.

Perrin, who said she is claustrophobic, tried everything she could think of to unlock the door, including attempting to dismantle the lock, shoving a chair against the lock and door, and even kicking the door and chair.

“I also used the leg of the chair to wedge underneath the door handle and twist, twist repeatedly. That started kind of loosening it,” said Perrin of her attempts to get out of the bathroom.

She then broke off the handle to the door, but still could not get out. Next, she knocked a hole in the wall leading into the men’s restroom, but then ran into a barrier inside the wall. She attempted to get the attention of security personnel who were monitoring the outside hallway by camera, but was unsuccessful.

“One thing I did begin to do immediately was to take paper towels and slide them under the door, shoot them under the door,” said Perrin.

Finally, using the broken door handle, she busted a hole in the wall next to the bathroom door. She was able to reach through the hole and unlock the door from the outside. The ordeal left Perrin with a bleeding hand, and body aches.

“My wrists… you know, my hands. I do know I have contusions on my hands from using the door handle to chisel the wall,” said Perrin.

After she was out of the restroom, Perrin called her husband and daughter, who were both relieved to know she was ok, to come and pick her up.



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