LIBERTY, Mo. — A Clay County judge sentenced a Kearney mother to over 50 years in prison Thursday for the deaths of her two daughters.

A jury convicted Jenna Boedecker of two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of 2-year-old Ireland Ribando and 7-week-old Goodknight Ribando in May.

The jury also found Boedecker guilty of four counts of child endangerment, one count of fourth-degree domestic assault and one count of second-degree property damage.

On Thursday, the judge sentenced Boedecker to 22 years for each murder charge and 7 years for two counts of child endangerment — all set to run consecutively, totaling 58 years in prison.

“The truth is there are two dead children, and there’s nothing that will bring them back. But we hope that the decision of the judge and the jury deliver a sense of justice to everyone who loved them,” Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson said. 

Court documents say Boedecker told investigators she put her daughters in her Jeep Patriot sometime overnight between July 3 and 4, 2018.

Boedecker said she fell asleep in the vehicle. When she woke up on July 4, she found her two girls unresponsive in the hot car.

Boedecker told officials she took her daughters to a neighbor’s home for help and tried to revive them. When first responders arrived at the home, the little girls were pronounced dead.

During trial, evidence showed Boedecker had about two times the therapeutic amount of Xanex in her system the day her kids were found.

During sentencing, four family members of the victims testified, saying they were in court for justice. They said this completely tore their family apart and pushed for full sentencing without parole. 

“Nothing will repair the void in my life, my family’s life or my son’s life,” the two little girls’ grandmother told the judge.

She said her beautiful grandchildren “were tossed away like they didn’t even matter, and they were so, so beautiful.”

The girls’ grandma tearfully told the court the 2-year-old and 7-week-old won’t get to have daddy-daughter dances, proms or weddings.