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CLAYCOMO, Mo. — A boy who’s battling cancer is getting some special support from this town’s police force.

Caden McGuire, 9, has been named an honorary police officer. On Thursday he received a police escort to Children Mercy Hospital. It’s a day this boy won’t soon forget. See video here.

It’s every boy’s dream to ride in a police car and turn on the lights and siren.
Caden’s special relationship with one police officer has helped boost his spirits during his difficult struggle.

Sgt. Marcus Burke gave Caden a tour of the Claycomo police station. The boy got to wear an officer’s utility belt, see some handcuffs and climb behind the wheel of a patrol car and call in on the radio

Doctors diagnosed Caden with a melanoma tumor in his brain when he was only five. Burke met the boy more than three years ago while on duty. Because Burke lost a brother to childhood cancer he decided to become part of Caden’s life. Since that time, Caden says he now wants to be a police officer when he’s finished fighting off cancer.

“Just show him since he is an honorary police officer that he is part of our family in law enforcement and in this family no one fights alone,” Burke said. “So that we would have all of our officers here and show him that support.”

Caden rode in the front seat of Burke’s patrol car with lights flashing for the ride to Children Mercy Hospital. He’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments again for the next six to 12 months because cancer has spread to his spine.

Claycomo police officers promise to be with the boy every step of the way in his fight. Caden tells me he believes he can survive anything with Burke at his side.