Cleaning gutters crucial for homes as heavy rains hit KC

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Stormy weather takes it toll. Sunday's heavy rain is creating clogged gutters for some homeowners, resulting in a sense of urgency to get them cleared before more rain falls.

When those gutters and downspouts on your home get crowded with debris that falls out of trees, rainwater has to go somewhere. Installation crews from gutter companies in the metro like the Gutter Cover KC are busy cleaning and installing all day long. Company owner Doug Stacye says his company booked 30 appointments on Monday morning alone.

Installing new gutters on a home is an all-day job. Basic maintenance costs a fraction of the time and money, and Stacye says it can save your home from damage. Stacye, who has worked in the gutter business for 16 years, says clean downspouts keep water from pooling in the areas near the foundation of a home.

“People get water in their basement,” Stacye told FOX 4 News. “They get issues with the soil eroding away. Over time, if it's not corrected, it will start to affect the foundation and cause the walls to bow and crack.”

“It only takes a handful of gunk in the gutter to clog it up and cause big problems.”

Stacye says gutters aren't always the top of every homeowner's mind. Having them professionally cleaned will cost about $200.

“Just do it,” John Brown, homeowner, said. “I've cleaned mine out several times. I've been on the roof with a blower, blowing them out. I've hosed them out.”

Brown realizes his gutters weren't sufficiently clean when Sunday’s heavy rain hit. This spring, he's seen two bouts with water coming in his basement window and soaking everything.

“I had to spend about three hours standing at the window well with a Shop-Vac sucking up about 17 gallons of water,” Brown said.

Cleaning out a gutter is a relatively simple project, but it's potentially dangerous because of the climb. Stacye says if you're going to do it at your home, he recommends keeping your ladder steady and firmly planted. Falling from a ladder presents a completely different set of problems.

If you're not a "do-it-yourselfer," Stayce says there are services that can help. He recommends calling the Better Business Bureau to ask for a licensed company to hire.



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