Cleanup begins after EF-0 tornado damages homes in southern Johnson County


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Monday’s tornado did some significant damage to homes in the South Overland Park and southern Johnson County area.

The sporadic nature of tornados leaves some homes untouched, but causing damage to others. 

It’s cleanup day for some people in the tornado’s path. Monday’s tornado that ripped across the neighborhood near West 193rd Terrace and Antioch Road did more damage than it would seem an EF-0 tornado would do.

“I was in shock kinda. I’m like oh my God,” said Dean Ferraro.

He was not home when the storm blew through but he was close. He was a half-mile away, underneath an overpass protecting his SUV from hail pelting down from the storm.

“All the wind, it was all twirling around and swirling and stuff was blowing,” Ferraro said of the tornado that swept past him.

What Ferraro didn’t know is that tornado had just made a visit to his house.

“I thought that our door must’ve blown open, there all this stuff everywhere,” he said of what he saw when he returned home. “And then pretty quick after that, I saw the roof and you can see the sky, you know? And I’m like, ‘Oh man.’”

The tornado left sticks, leaves and branches in his house, even moved his furniture around and almost took something with it.

“It lifted the roof up and twisted it up and it just came back down,” Ferraro said. “So it’s all the beams and stuff are broken and they’re in the wrong spot.”

The estimated 85 mph winds took other things from the neighborhood and dropped some of them off in Ferraro’s front yard.

“There is stuff over here, I don’t know, came from down there I guess.” Ferraro said.

Twisted metal littering his yard came from a barn on the other side of the neighborhood.

Ferraro and his family cannot stay in their home and the utilities have been shut off for safety reasons. As he assesses the damage, rain in the forecast is his new concern.

“I’m worried about that, it’s hardwood floors I mean if it rains,” he said. Especially with no electricity and a sump pump, I might have a flooded basement so, you know, there’s nothing we can do about that.”

Mother nature may strike twice here. That means two insurance claims if you have flood or water damage insurance. Ferraro is not sure if he will be covered.

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