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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver hosted a town hall meeting Saturday in response to President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel to the U.S. from seven countries. More than one thousand people came out for the town hall meeting.

Cleaver said he wanted to discuss the temporary travel ban and talk to people about their rights. A panel of six individuals were also part of the conversation.

“We can’t have a wholesome community with people living in fear as they are,” Cleaver said to reporters, and describing the executive order as “ignorant.”

He said Saturday’s town hall meeting was all about giving people the information they need to know.

“One of the things we’ve got to do is speak out and speak up and arm the American public with facts as much as we can,” he said.

Members in the crowd were energetic on Saturday, but staff with the congressman said some took it too far. FOX 4’s cameras were there when at least two people ran and try to jump on the stage and when others became angry that their questions were not immediately answered. At least a handful of individuals were escorted out by police officers.

Congressman Cleaver’s staff told FOX 4 the group of people “disrupted a room full of allies.”

Panelists included a representative from the Missouri Civil Liberties union, Jewish Vocational Services and more. Congressman Louis Gutierrez of Illinois fourth district also joined the group on Skype.

“People are scared and we have young people who did not come into this country illegally, they were brought in as children” Cleaver said. “They deserve a right I think to live peacefully in this country, they know no other country.”

Some of those who called out during the meeting were members of The Dream Alliance. The KS/MO Dream Alliance provided this statement to FOX 4.

The KS/MO Dream Alliance has been working to defend undocumented students and families in Missouri since 2009. We thank those allies who stood with us on Saturday as we tried to voice our fears and needs to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II. On Feb. 4 we attended the townhalll to presents our statement and ask some questions. Our members along with others who supported our efforts were removed for asking those questions. We are currently communicating with Rep. Cleaver’s office to address our actions and get our questions answered.