Clients say local cleaning company cleaned them out of thousands of dollars

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two metro families say they’re out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars after letting a local cleaning company into their homes.

“Coff’s Home Services is the name of the company,” client Shelley Morton said.

Morton said she let two women, Terra and Brandy Coff, into her home to clean. Over a four month span, Morton said they took away a lot more than just dust and dirt.

“Thousands of dollars in electronics and some jewelry,” Morton said. “So just very frustrating.”

After Morton posted her frustration to Facebook, she said about a half dozen other people reached out claiming to be theft victims of Coff’s Home Services, including Heather McDowell.

The first and only time McDowell let them tidy up her home was in November 2018.

She said the next day there were charges to her credit card for “Peanut The Dachshunds.” McDowell said Peanut is the name of Terra’s dog.

“I was just in shock,” McDowell said.

She recognized it from a Facebook post that shows Terra asking people to donate to her dog’s GoFundMe to pay for medical bills.

“And I lost it,” McDowell said, emphasizing each word. “The more and more I kept looking at my cards, I mean, we’re talking at least $700-800 for shopping sprees thorough GoFundMe to try to produce cash.”

The more Morton started sorting out stolen items, she found that her boyfriend’s mother’s checkbook was missing. Her name is Shirley.

Morton said there was fraudulent activity with Shirley’s account.

“We have a copy of the check that was written to herself and forged,” Morton said.

It’s a check Shirley said she never wrote. Morton said there were also utilities set up for Terra Coff, using Shirley’s account number.

After calling several listed numbers for the Coff’s, FOX4 finally got Brandy on the phone.

“This is the first I’ve heard of this,” Brandy said.

“How would your partner’s name be used for someone else’s account number?” FOX4 asked.

Brandy’s response: “I don’t know, so obviously the obvious way.”

“What’s the obvious way?” we wanted to know.

“She would have had to write a bad check or write a check to herself or to somebody’s, to the account through their checkbook,” Brandy said.

“So what do you think happened here then?” we asked.

“Um,” Brandy said, “obviously that.”

When we asked to talk to Terra, who Brandy said was sitting right there, she ended the call.

The Facebook page for Coff’s Home Services has been taken down.

In our research, FOX4 found the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s website lists Brandy Coff as non-compliant in registering as a sex offender. MSHP shows information that states Brandy sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in 2002 and 2003 in Colorado.

Meanwhile, Terra is said to be on probation for writing a bad check, which Brandy copped to over the phone.

“She did get in trouble for writing a $69 check out of our account,” Brandy said, “and she’s on probation for that.”

Brandy also said they’re still in business. Something Morton said she wants cleaned up.

“I hope they are not in business,” Morton said.

Brandy said she will get Morton the money she owes — if Morton can prove it was stolen.



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