Climate change activists want green new deal for Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dozens of young people are skipping school or walking out of work Friday to demand immediate action on climate change.

Protesters are pushing for a Green New Deal in Kansas City.

This is one of many rallies taking place all around the world today in support reducing emissions that are fueling the climate crisis.

Many at the rally are members of the Sunrise Movement, a group of young people seeking to transform the world's economy away from fossil fuels, and create millions of good paying new jobs in the process.

They want Kansas City to embark on a Green New Deal at the local level: ending all greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and creating a special city council committee on the climate crisis to oversee future legislation.

"We need to be addressing climate change at the scale and urgency of the crisis," said Michael Wolfe, of Sunrise Movement KC. "That’s a lot of local stuff like housing policy, transportation policy, city infrastructure, utility use. These are all things local governments have control over, that we need to be playing a role in."

The young people also want Kansas City to enact a moratorium on any new development that does not meet energy efficiency goal or is not near mass transit routes.

The group says new jobs created to transition away from fossil fuels must pay workers a living wage, and guarantee them rights to collective bargaining.

Only through public outcry do these people believe they can get action to address climate change. They claim they don't really care who wins next year's elections, because they say regardless of who's in charge, they will face similar public pressure for changes.

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