CLOSINGS AND DELAYS: January 28, 2021

Graphic of child and bus with words 'School closings'

Some schools in the Greater Kansas City Area remain closed today, January 28 after a snow storm that lasted into yesterday morning. A few churches have also suspended their evening activities.

Here’s a full list of the ongoing closures, along with some late starts, as of 6:10 a.m.. For schools:

  • Carrollton R-7: Closed
  • Hardin-Central School District: Closed
  • Norborne R-8 Schools: Starts 2 Hours Late
  • North Daviess R3: Starts 2 Hours Late
  • Orrick R-11 School District MO: Closed
  • Pleasant View R-6 Trenton MO: Starts 2 Hours Late
  • Polo R-7 MO: Closed
  • Richmond R-16 MO: Closed Tomorrow
  • Ridgeway R-5 MO: Starts 2 Hours Late
  • Sherwood Cass R-8: Starts 2 Hours Late
  • Tina Avalon R-II School District: Closed

Other organizations:

  • Glad Tidings KCK: No Evening Services
  • Mt. Zion Baptist KCK: No Evening Services
  • Northwest Bible Church: No Evening Activities
  • South Haven Baptist Belton: No Evening Activities

Temperatures remained in the 20s yesterday, keeping some snow and ice from melting during the day. However, most of the main road conditions in the metro were cleared by the end of the day.

Today, temperatures will climb into the mid-30s. Then, there’s a big warm up tomorrow with some potential rain incoming.



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