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FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. — A Casey’s General Store in Fredericktown, Missouri, sold a winning $1 million Powerball ticket to 16 co-workers from Pense Brothers Drilling.

The 16 coworkers have been playing the lottery together for four years. They decided to split the jackpot evenly, so each person will get $62,500 before taxes.

“It’s a really special story, I think, and something you don’t hear every day,” said Katie Petru, director of communications for Casey’s General Store.

Madison County, Missouri, has been a lucky place in 2021, according to the Missouri Lottery. Players in the county have won more than $2.2 million in Missouri Lottery prizes, while retailers have received more than $228,000 in commissions and bonuses.

The Casey’s store that sold the winning Powerball ticket will get a bonus and plans to donate it.

“At Casey’s, we take those funds and make a donation in the community,” said Petru. “It takes a little time to process the funds and work through the system, but that aside, once we have those dollars available, we will be giving back in that community what came from the Lottery Commission.”

The winning coworkers play the Powerball every week. None of them are going to quit their day jobs.