Coca-Cola to release 2 new flavors inspired by the holidays

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ATLANTA — Coca-Cola is hoping by the end of next month you’ll be ready to abandon your pumpkin spiced lattes and jump into some winter flavors.

The Atlanta-based company is planning to launch two new flavors among their soda selections to embody the upcoming winter season.

First, the soft drink company is planning to launch a version of its iconic soda flavored with cinnamon. Next, Sprite, which is made by Coca-Cola, will have it’s own holiday rendition flavored with winter spiced cranberries.

We know soda companies have tried holiday tropes before, like Thanksgiving-flavored soft drinks. Coca-Cola themselves have experimented on their original flavor with different flavors like orange and vanilla.

But if you’re wondering how Coke Cinnamon tastes, Cola aficionados in the UK have already given it the thumbs up.

The new drinks will be available in the US starting on Sept. 30 for a limited time only.

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