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LEAWOOD, Kan. – A coffee shop owner wants a customer to come back! She claims he was unfairly singled out by another customer who apparently was uncomfortable with his looks and mannerisms, and someone called the police.

Lori Chandler of Take Five Coffee Bar said a customer complained to workers about the disheveled, homeless looking man who had bought some tea, but seemed shaky, and was nodding off in a booth.

Some other customers were also apparently concerned. Chandler said her baristas say the man wasn’t bothering anyone, but became uncomfortable and left on his own.

Leawood police showed up telling her they’d been called about the man. She’s not happy the mystery man was singled out.

“I would like to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ you know? That’s not the kind of place I want to be. It’s not the kind of business I want to run. I want him to come back. He could probably drink coffee free for a year or a lifetime. He’s had a lot of offers,” Chandler said.

Those offers from other customers came on the Take Five Facebook page after Chandler posted an apology to the man. She said she’s worked hard to change stereotypes about Johnson County and is thrilled by the reactions from most customers.