Community celebration held on Prospect Ave. in hopes of encouraging crime free weekend

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We are only halfway through the year, but the number of killings in Kansas City is concerning to those who have experienced violence in the past.

So, far this year, 57 people have been murdered, an increase of six from 2018.

Saturday, neighbors joined together. Hoping to make a bold statement, not only about crime, but about the future of their streets.

“We want to celebrate Prospect because we’re building houses, townhouses, we are bringing Prospect back,” Weekend Against Violence organizer, Pat Clarke said.

If you weren’t aware of what was going on, the group wanted you to know loud and clear.

As the group cruised down Prospect Avenue, their message was loud and clear.

“When we talk about weekend without crime, we’re asking people to put the guns down,” Clarke said.

Their focus on decreasing crime,  is a task they know will take more than just one weekend.

“Apparently someone’s not listening because we had several shootings last night,” Clarke said.

But giving them even more momentum and drive to work harder.

“Everybody here wants to see change,” Owens said.

Owens said this parade was not only about crime prevention, but also an opportunity to bring  positive attention to this inner core neighborhood, jump-start more opportunities, and development.

“We like to showcase, the businesses, the people in this community, and let them know, past the crime there is a lot of people who want to invest a lot of time and help and to heal, rebuild this community,” Owens said.

As the group made their way from the intersection of 39th Street and Prospect towards 31st, they say their long-term goal is to turn-it around.

“We are bringing the community together,” Owens said.

This is the second time this event has been held.

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