Community Colleges Ready To Train After President’s Speech

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The President focused part of his State of the Union speech on community colleges. He argues they could help create more manufacturing jobs in the United States. President Obama announced he wants institutions like Metropolitan Community College to become career centers.

Over the last couple years, MCC has seen funding decrease, but now there is an increase in the number of employers who want students with even more training. A quicker education, community colleges now have to figure out how to provide.

“It’s critical because I will tell you our state appropriation due to state resources is shrinking. These high-tech programs are very expense. It’s very expensive to get and keep qualified instructors that can make so much more in industry.” says Deborah Goodall, Business & Technology President at Metropolitan Community College.

Metropolitan community college is working with area companies to retrain workers on the latest technology. MCC is currently re-figuring its curriculum to train students faster with the specific skills needed to get them in the work force even sooner, which in come cases means months not years.

If you would like to read the transcript from the SOTU click here.

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