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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mayor Sly James’ son faces another arrest and criminal charges. The situation involving his son Kyle is an embarrassment for a political leader who has made fighting crime one of his top priorities.

FOX 4 talked to those who work on the streets to prevent violence and they say they still trust the mayor to make the city safer.KCK police arrested 23-year-old Kyle James more than a week ago on disorderly conduct charges.

Even though this is not James first run-in with the law, community leaders say it may be a blessing in disguise. KCK police aren’t releasing the details of the arrest. Based on the disorderly conduct charge, activist Rob McMillian believes what’s happening to the mayor’s son is a symptom of what’s happening to many sons and daughters of African-Americans.

“Because the mayor has had some family problems does not exclude him, it includes him,” McMillian said. “I talked to him about it before. We need his leadership, his bully pulpit, to make sure we can be able to save our sons. We do it together with him. We’re not putting him down. He has problems like we have problems. We all want our community to be safer.”

As mayor and member of the Board of Police Commissioners, Sly James has said he will work to make the streets safer. Some have questioned that commitment after learning of police calls involving his son. Others say the mayor should be judged by his own actions.

“I feel that if a parent gives their children guidance and they put them on the right path in life, regardless of what age they are, everybody is still responsible for their own actions,” said Leta Melton. “Once you teach your children, you must have faith that they are going to carry through follow your example.”

Melton says when that doesn’t happen it’s crushing for a parent. She has a son who she says made mistakes. She claims eventually got back on the right path which she says can happen for the mayor’s son, too.

A spokesperson for the mayor says he is in Las Vegas. No comment has been released on what the mayor’s office is calling “family matters.”