KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tensions remain high while supporters of the man shot by a Kansas City police detective prepare for the next step in the legal process.

Wednesday morning, dozens rallied in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals in downtown Kansas City.

This comes days before thecourt hears oral argument in Eric DeValkenaere’s appeal. The former Kansas City detective is appealing his conviction for the shooting death of Cameron Lamb.

Some might be wondering why Lamb’s supporters held a rally days before the hearing. The fear is Gov. Mike Parson will offer a pardon to the former officer.

“How you going to tell me here’s a guy that murdered my son and you going to let him go,” Lamb’s stepfather Aquil Bey said.

That’s the biggest fear for Cameron Lamb’s supporters.

DeValkenaere will be in court again for the shooting death of Lamb. This time his fate is up to the court of appeals.

In 2021, a judge found him guilty for killing the father of three. He’s been free waiting for an appeal.

“When you’re asking there hasn’t been actual words from the governor saying he’s been pardoned, or is going to be pardoned, why would he need to and Andrew Bailey has done it for him,” Sheryl Ferguson said, with It’s Time 4 Justice.

“They don’t want you all to know about the hurt that my wife feels,” Bey said. “That this family feels.”

But Lamb’s supporters are worried about the upcoming hearing.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey recommended the former detective’s conviction be overturned.

There are also indications that DeValkenaere’s supporters have been laying the groundwork, asking Parson to pardon the former police officer.

“Because I guarantee you if it was someone who looked like you or me we would be in jail already,” Bey said.

That hearing is on Tuesday at 9 a.m. FOX4 will be there and keep you updated.