Community mourns after well-known Raytown businesswoman, husband killed


RAYTOWN, Mo. – Raytown police continue to investigate after two people were found dead inside a home on Jan. 13. The couple was identified as 69-year-old Kenneth McKenzie and his wife, 62-year-old Etta McKenzie.

People throughout the community are mourning the loss of the well-known couple. Etta was a long time insurance agent with State Farm who also owned a handful of other businesses.

“We don’t have a lot of entrepreneurs in our community and even fewer female entrepreneurs. She was a constant entrepreneur and generally did well because she put a lot of effort into what she was trying to do,” developer, longtime business partner and friend Don Maxwell said.

Etta McKenzie’s insurance business is located on Blue Ridge Cutoff, where she also owned three other business beside her building.

She’s described as a trailblazer for Black female businesswomen in Kansas City, also owning nightclubs, daycare centers and convenience stores.

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“Just an extremely nice person and made it fun working with her. Not only do I feel that way, but everyone in her company felt the same way. Her husband was always very supportive of her, was always right there,” Maxwell said. “Very shocked about the loss, and the loss of she and her husband, just very shocked I couldn’t believe it when it happened.”

Officers were called to a residence in the 8300 block of Hedges Avenue in response to a “nature unknown” call.

Upon their arrival at the residence, gunshots were heard coming from inside the residence, and a man was seen walking around inside, police said.

After about an hourlong standoff involving SWAT, the man came to the door with gunshot wounds. He was transported to an area hospital and is in critical condition.

The McKenzies were found shot to death inside.

Police have not released any information about the identity of the third person, but family told FOX4 it was a relative inside the home.

“Everything they did was helping people in need, from donating food to giving their time to helping with education. It’s just everything that they existed for,” the McKenzies’ son, Kenneth McKenzie Jr. said.

A joint funeral was held Saturday.

Kansas City’s 7th Ward Committeeman Chiefy Clarke is now pushing to rename either a bridge or road after Etta McKenzie.



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