Community protests after Sedalia woman’s death as sheriff urges for peace, patience


SEDALIA, Mo. — Protesters at the Sedalia courthouse called for accountability Thursday as the Pettis County sheriff shared his concerns about threats reportedly made toward his agency

The community is demanding answers for the family of Hannah Fizer

“She was such a friendly girl and not violent, had respect for authority,” protester Jackie Delinger said. 

The 25-year-old was shot and killed by a Pettis County deputy after being pulled over Saturday. The deputy told investigators Fizer had a gun and threatened to shoot him. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol, which is now heading the investigation, never found a gun in her vehicle

And the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department said no body or dash camera footage of the encounter exists

“Every day I go to work I’m on camera, and I don’t protect people’s lives. I don’t serve people, and I don’t carry a gun,” protester Chantilly Watson said. “But if I murdered someone at my job, it would be caught on camera.”

They need accountability,” protester Elizabeth Downs told FOX4. “Too often they do terrible, awful things with no repercussions.”

Sheriff Kevin Bonds said replacing the agency’s broken cameras is a budget issue. 

“I’m a small agency. I have lots of priorities that have to be done,” he said. “Are body cameras important? Yes, but so is my radio system, my communications.”

The sheriff also addressed a letter he wrote to citizens in Pettis County after he said one deputy was tailed by an angry group Wednesday night and deputies’ families have received threats. 

“This has certainly created an emotional response within the agency,” Bond said. “There was an even more elevated response after the events of last night that prompted the open letter.”

Bond asked that protesters be rational and wait for the full findings of the investigation to be released. 

“Because we are a close-knit community, know each other, we need to be coming together at this time,” he said. 

Bond said the deputy who killed Hannah has been with the department since 2007 and has a clean complaint record.

The deputy remains on administrative leave as the highway patrol investigates. 



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