Community rallies behind family whose farm was crippled by Kansas tornado

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — Tornadoes that ripped through Lawrence on Tuesday night left the Pendleton Family Farm in shambles. But Saturday morning, they were where they always are. At the Lawrence Farmers Market, soaking in the sunshine and a little community love.

The Pendleton’s defied nature on Saturday morning. And even found reason to smile.

“We are selling Tormadoe’s,” Margaret Pendleton laughed.

Five of the farm’s seven greenhouses were crumpled and shredded by the tornado’s fury.

“It scattered tomatoes all over the floor. We picked up a lot of green tomatoes, and a lot of local restaurants are doing specials with green tomatoes this weekend,” Margarets aid, who grew up on the family farm.

The family farm has survived damage from micro-bursts, flooding and now the tornado. The community of Lawrence is coming alongside the long-time farmers and friends, snatching up the surviving produce like it was pure gold.

Tara Hammer went to school with Margaret Pendleton.  She made a special stop today to buy flowers, and show her support.  “its been a bit emotional, but I’m sure so much more for them.  Its just sad seeing them go through this.”

Even the van that transported their produce to market is battle worn. The window are covered in plastic and duct tape.

“When the farm got hit, every vehicle lost all of of their windows. We have one that didn’t lose them,” Pendleton said.  Margaret’s parents hid in the basement during the storm. They are still sifting through debris, trying to figure out what is salvageable.

“These flowers were grown in a hoop house that ended up crashing to the ground, by somehow the flowers were fine. It’s incredible to see how the community has come together to make lemonade out of some lemons.”



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