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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One day after a bombshell letter written by a former KCPD lawyer was released—supported by more than 370 pages of evidence—the community is reacting.

That letter is accusing the department of breaking the law at the highest levels. 

“I was taken aback because what I read in the article is not what I know one of the persons to be,” Pastor Darron Edwards —and leader of the group, ‘Getting to the Heart of the Matter said.

Ryan McCarty—the former associate general counsel—claims he sat in on meetings where the conversation centered around deleting emails, times where KCPD withheld information, not just from state and federal prosecutors, but also from the public.  

The letter goes as far as to say that cases may have to be retired.

“That has been the talk in our community for a long time, is that there are many cases that need to be taken another look at, that need to be deeper looked into, and I’m not surprised,” Edwards said.

Mayor Quinton Lucas weighed in on the letter Saturday echoing many of the same sentiments. Mainly that he to was surprised.  

McCarty, a former state and federal prosecutor, attached 372 pages of what can be described as evidence to support his claims with the letter.

Most of the claims center around Interim Chief of Police Joe Mabin, and the top lawyer for the department, General Counsel Holly Dodge.

“What I know about Joe Mabin is not who I know him to be, this is somebody I talk to on a weekly basis. There has to be some ineptness somewhere, I think there is a lack of transparency somewhere and I’m hoping this investigation will reveal that,” said Edwards.

Pastor Edwards says if the allegations—which also include unfair disciplinary actions for officers—happen to be true, Mabin and Dodge should resign.

“No longer can we set aside and say ok let’s sweep this under the rug. I think the only way to do this is either to broaden the scope of the DOJ since they’re already here and allow them to do it, or you bring in a special manager, a special prosecutor to take a look at this.”

KCPD said the allegations have or will be reviewed.

FOX4 reached out to the Board of Police Commissioners Sunday on top of reaching out Saturday Afternoon. There has been no response to our emails.