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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – When one local company failed to complete a job right for an elderly woman, several others stepped up to get it done.

The roar of chainsaws and a wood chipper were about all you could hear Monday afternoon in 83-year-old Esther Buzard’s backyard.

“I just seen an old woman in need, and we just figured we’d come out and take care of it for her,” said Bobby Wilson, the owner of National Tree Care LLC, based in Higginsville, Missouri.

On Friday, FOX4 told viewers how Esther paid Lexington-based United General Contracting $1,150 to cut up a downed tree and haul it off. The company never finished the job.

“It does make us all look bad and we’re seeing it more and more, and we’re kind of getting fed up with it,” Wilson said.

Wilson saw the story and wanted to help Esther. He brought nine of his employees, equipped with the tools needed to the do the job right — and did just that.

“We just wanted to come in here and take charge of this and get it done,” he said.

For close to two hours, his crew hauled off debris, shredded limbs and dumped large chunks of wood into their work trucks.

“It was a mess for sure, but it wasn’t much for us,” Wilson said.

But the surprises didn’t just end there for Esther.

Karen Waters and her husband own Waters Construction Inc. in Olathe. They also wanted to pay it forward.

“We wouldn’t have the business we have it wasn’t for other people helping us,” Waters said.

The couple wrote a check to Esther for $500, almost half of what she paid United General Contracting to do the original job.

“We’re just not going to let somebody do this to somebody else if we can help it,” Karen said.

Esther was out of town on Monday, but FOX4’s Zac Summers called her to let her know about the generosity of FOX4 viewers.

“I really appreciate you doing that. Thank you so very much and bless you all,” she said over the phone.

Bobby believes United General Contracting likely underbid the original deal they made with Esther, but he said that’s not her fault. He had some advice for anyone looking for a trustworthy tree service.

“If you don’t understand them, don’t do business with them and do your research,” he said.

Problem solved.