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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A smartphone app touts a safer way to walk home alone at night. It’s called the Companion app.

UMKC is busy during the day and tends to wind down at night. The popular mode of transportation is walking.

“It’s a really long walk especially if you’re in the physics department which is on one end of campus and the dorms are on the far end of campus,” says student Kimberly Carmen.

That walk is different at night. When there’s no light, Carmen is a little more cautious.

“Paranoia, my mom’s always like have your cell phone out, have your keys out, take a friend with you, tell people where you’re going to be going,” she says with a laugh.

There’s a smartphone app that’s made for situations just like that. Students at the University of Michigan created the “Companion.” —

You just plug in your destination and it marks a route. Then you’re able to select certain contacts to have them follow your walk whether or not they have the app.

She adds, “Walking home late at night in the dark, kind of one those fears you have. You have to call that person, text them: ‘It’s been half an hour did you make it home ok?’”

Carmen already downloaded the app and says it’ll offer her the peace of mind she needs to walk alone.