With business up during pandemic, company hopes to bring hundreds of new jobs to KC


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In this dismal job market, there is a small, but bright ray of sunshine.
Four-hundred jobs are coming to Kansas City at a company that is seeing an uptick in business during the COVID-19 crisis.
COVID-19 forced many employers to lay-off employees and some companies even went out of business.
More than 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment and April shows an unemployment rate of 14.7%. That’s more than during the great depression. 
Despite the doom and gloom, there is some good news in Kansas City.
“We are happy to be against the trend right now with all this unemployment that’s happening and hopefully it makes a small dent in being able to hire these 400 folks,” said Mark Hunter, President of Spring Venture Group.
SVG helps pair people with insurance plans, focusing on those most vulnerable to COVID-19.
The company is hiring for 300 full-time and 100 seasonal jobs in sales and corporate positions.
Eventually everyone will be working from their offices at 12th and Wyandotte, but for now, employees are working from home.
For new hires, computers and equipment will come to you.
“Everything is shipped directly to you we have calls with our I.T. team to get everything set up,” said Director of Talent Acquisition, Kristi Jones. “It makes it very simple and easy and then we use a virtual platform for all of our training as well.” 
The company always had plans to expand and is one of few that can right now. In part, because 10,000 people turn 65 each day and more are looking for help navigating the medicare marketplace Hunter said.
“Whether it’s during COVID or normal times, it’s a scary time in life when you turn 65 and you’re figuring out your healthcare choices,” he said. “We like to talk about doing work that matters at our company and this is work that matters.”
Whether a recent college grad who is having a hard time finding a job, a restaurant server who was let go or an executive caught up in downsizing, there are opportunities for people with all experiences.
The application and hiring processes are all being done remotely. Browse jobs and start the application process here

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