Complaints prompt city to make Armour Boulevard intersection safer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After about a year of close calls and crashes on Armour Boulevard, the city Monday started making changes to its “Complete Streets” project.

Improvements at Armour Boulevard and Kenwood Avenue may help make that intersection safer.

Visibility has been the main problem along Armour, ever since the city installed protected bike lanes last year.

That pushed the parking lane further out into the street, making it difficult for drivers at a stop sign to see if it’s safe to turn onto, or cross Armour.

As part of a pilot project, the city Monday extended the no parking zone 20 feet from the corner of the intersection to improve visibility.

Posts are being installed in the no parking zone to prevent vehicles from parking there anyway.

And the speed limit is being reduced to 30 miles an hour on Armour.

Midtown neighbors say the changes are good start, but drivers still may have concerns.

“That would be helpful so you have a little more room to come out,” Briana Strother said, of Hyde Park. “So you can see in the cross section. Hopefully that helps. But I wish I was a turtle sometimes so I can stick my neck out and see, which way do I go?”

The city will evaluate the effectiveness of the changes to this one intersection during the next four to six weeks. If it looks like it’s helping make the intersection safer, we may see similar modifications at all of the crossings along Armour. That would eliminate more on-street parking.

Citizen feedback and a city staff study over the last four or five months resulted in the altered plan. The city said it remains committed to safely supporting all modes of travel.



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