Concealed carry classes in Kansas expect to see more 18-20-year-olds


TOPEKA, Kan. — More young people in Kansas are able to concealed carry because of a new law that just went into effect.

J.W. Patterson owns NE KS Basic Firearms Training in Shawnee County. He’s noticing more 18 to 20-year-olds wanting to get a concealed carry license.

A new Kansas law requires them to go through an eight-hour training class. They learn about handgun safety, how to store them, use of deadly force, legal issues and even have to hit 18 of 25 total targets at 3, 7, and 10 yards.

“By attending this class, at least they’re showing that responsibility to be able to do it and that’s the way I look at that,” Patterson said. “Does that mean that everybody should be carrying a gun? No, I’m not going to say there is. But you got to take the rights steps to achieve that.”

Eighteen to 20-year-olds need to get a license if they want to concealed carry. People 21 and up don’t need one, but there are still many that do.

“Making sure people are safe with their weapons and following the law,” Patterson said about what the class teaches.

The legislature passed the law after Governor Laura Kelly vetoed it earlier this year. Lawmakers argued it’s good to get more young people educated about guns.

“I think that’s a positive move, any time people can get training, that’s a positive thing,” Abilene Representative John Barker said in May.

Though 18 to 20-year-olds can concealed carry, federal law prevents stores from selling handguns and handgun ammunition to people under 21. They can receive them as gifts and through private deals.

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