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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It’s been three days of searching and counting as a Kansas City man tries to come to terms with new details in his girlfriend’s disappearance. Police detectives are retracing 20-year-old Toni Anderson’s actions from the hours before she disappeared.

Pete Sanchez says it’s been an emotional few days, and says he hopes the many efforts to find Anderson are successful, working to catch his breath as he stayed apprised of all the updates of his girlfriend`s disappearance.

He says he`s happy to know that there are so many people working to find his girlfriend.

“It`s very comforting to know we have many media sources sharing everything going on online,” he said.

Meanwhile he`s trying to make sense of the latest development. Early on Sanchez told FOX 4 that she stopped at a QuikTrip on Southwest Boulevard. Police say it was actually the location along 9 Highway in North Kansas City.

“That`s what they`re saying, but who`s to say like right now. They`re doing the best they can to get information,” he said.

Sanchez says he isn`t sitting idly by as police investigate; he`s started a GoFundMe page to pay for a private investigator.

“Private investigators keep reaching out,” he advised.

He added that he’s waiting for a substantial tip to hire somebody.

Police are searching for Toni Anderson, 20, and her 2014 black Ford Focus.
Police are searching for Toni Anderson, 20, and her 2014 black Ford Focus.

Coworkers Concerned

In addition to attending UMKC, Anderson worked at Chrome, an adult entertainment club on 40 Highway. FOX 4 spoke with Toni’s coworkers there. It was a cold and icy on Sunday morning, and as usual the manager and a security guard at Chrome walked Toni to her car after her work shift making sure no one followed her out. The last thing they saw was her car, driving away.

She’s known at Chrome as the sweet girl, filling in when help was needed. Toni Anderson worked at Chrome Entertainment as a sever going by the nickname “Vanity” off and on for three years. They say Toni never drank or partied and was looking forward to starting school at UMKC on Tuesday. Chrome’s manager says he personally walked her out Sunday morning around 4:00. No one at Chrome has heard from her since.

Sources say when Toni left Chrome, she had plans to meet with friends at Shady Lady, a strip club on the eastside of Kansas City. Employees tell FOX 4 that they never saw her and say police searched for any trace of Toni on surveillance footage and came up short handed.

The manager of Chrome sat with a detective for hours Wednesday, going through surveillance footage, looking for any clues as to what happened to Toni.