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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is in the NFL’s concussion protocol after a hit in Sunday night’s 42-34 win over the Houston Texans that kept the team undefeated. But that didn’t stop him from taking the field Monday night for a clinic to help women better understand the game.

Kelly McCracken goes to every Chiefs home game with her girlfriends.

“Getting into the working world I wanted to participate in fantasy football so I learned more about the sport of football through that, and always support the hometown team,” she said.

But like many female football fans, she’s never really played.

“I just hope I don’t break a nail,” she joked before the clinic.

McCracken was one of about 100 women took the field for the Travis Kelce Football 101 clinic sponsored by Cover Girl Monday night.

“We saw Cam Newton’s comments last week, I think it’s really awesome we have a guy on our team that wants women to really understand the game and get some experience playing the game as well.”

The Carolina Panthers quarterback was criticized for being amused at a female reporter knowing various routes that wide receivers run. Monday, the women at the clinic worked on their routes, along with basic catching throwing and kicking skills.

Kelce credited his athletic mom for influencing his own sports upbringing and encouraging women to participate.

“It’s more enjoyable if you understand what the game is all about and you understand why the coach is calling in a certain play,” Travis’ mother Donna Kelce said.

The violent nature of football that draws some women to the game, makes other cringe. But even Kelce’s mom was able to take hits like the one that landed her son in concussion protocol in stride.

“You have to understand that this is what they love and that’s part of the game, hopefully you hope that those incidents happen few and far between, that’s what makes it exciting and that’s what makes it more enjoyable to watch,” she said.

Per NFL League rules, Travis Kelce was not available for interviews at the event because he is in concussion protocol. He spent nearly two hours on his feet giving instructions and rooting on the women during the clinic. He wasn’t spotted actively participating in any drills.