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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Clay County is the first county in the Kansas City metro to hold a mass vaccination site, and there’s already been some confusion about it.

Some signing up to get the vaccine at Cerner’s headquarters in North Kansas City are afraid they’ll be turned away, but Gov. Mike Parson said these vaccination sites are for all Missourians, not a specific county.

What’s confusing many people is when you sign up online, the form makes it seem like the Operation Safe site is only for Clay County residents.

Missouri Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer of Parkville said several Platte County residents have told him they were concerned because they wanted to get vaccinated, too. So far, Missouri has not held any other mass vaccination events in the Kansas City metro.

“I’ve since reached out to the governor’s office, as well as Dr. Williams, who’s the Director of DHSS, and they have clarified that no, in fact, those events are open to anyone who’s within the risk categories to be able to be vaccinated,” Luetkemeyer told FOX4.

The state senator said if you live in Platte County — or any Missouri county — fill out Clay County’s interest form anyway, but fill it out truthfully. It’s important to note, however, Missouri is still only vaccinating people who fall within the activated tiers.

FOX4 reached out to the Clay County Health Department but did not hear back. North Kansas City leaders said the event is for people outside Clay County as well, and people in multiple metro counties should have received invitations.