KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A civil rights group is calling for authorities to re-examine every criminal case involving former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective Roger Golubski.

A hearing is underway to determine whether Golubski and KCK police coerced testimony in a 1997 murder case.

Brian Betts and Celester McKinney have spent 24 years behind bars for that murder and say they did not commit the crime.

Carter Betts, the imprisoned men’s uncle, testified Monday that Golubski threatened him and told him he needed to confess that his nephews were involved in the murder of Greg Miller, or that Golubski would “Make you suffer and make your family suffer.”

“We know he did not commit this murder,” Violet Martin, Brian Betts’ sister, said. “And we are hoping to get those things revealed, the truth from my uncle, who was pressured into testifying against my brother and cousin Celester McKinney, and get new trials.”

Last month, a federal grand jury indicted Golubski on six counts of violating the civil rights of two women between 1998 and 2002.

Golubski has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Judge Dan Cahill, the prosecutor who put Brian Betts and McKinney behind bars, also testified in this hearing.

Carter Betts claims Cahill threatened to charge him with murder if he did not testify to a version of events that he says he tried to retract as false and coerced.

The defense called several witnesses, including Golubski. While on the stand, the defense asked Golubski if he has a history of pressuring witnesses. He said, “Never.”

Meantime, Golubski is facing six charges for sexual abuse and kidnapping, allegedly using his authority as an officer to do it. 

Golubski testified that he was related by marriage to Miller, the homicide victim, but said they were not close. 

Golubski said he did not investigate the case.

Cahill was the assigned prosecutor in Betts and McKinney’s cases. He testified, saying there was not physical evidence in the case. No firearms or, to his memory DNA linking them to the scene. He said, without Carter’s testimony he didn’t think he could have won the case. 

Carter claims Cahill threatened to charge him with murder if he did not testify to a certain version of events. 

Cahill denies making any threats. 

We are not done hearing testimony. 

Betts, McKinney and the state will be back in court Tuesday to continue to the hearing.

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