Cori Bush sworn in, becomes first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

ST. LOUIS – Cori Bush, a former community organizer, was sworn into the 117th Congress on Sunday, becoming the first Black woman to represent Missouri, as well as the state’s first registered nurse to serve in Congress.

Missouri’s newest congresswoman says her movement made this moment happen, and they will only continue making history. 

Rep. Bush said wants to make sure she’s spending all of her time creating and fighting for meaningful legislation in the House of Representatives.

She said her victory is not only a personal achievement, but it’s also an achievement for St. Louis and for every member of the movement. She said she’s the first person from the movement fighting for Black lives to be elected to Congress.

“Right now, Congress is not made up of many ordinary people like me — but we are changing that,” she said. “I’m a nurse, pastor, single mom, and Ferguson-made activist who has lived the struggles of my community. I’m ready to put regular, everyday people first with solutions that are long overdue,” she said. “Together, we will use this seat to fight for real investment into social safety nets and social, political, and economic systems that actually work for all of us. We will protect Black lives by enacting meaningful and impactful criminal-legal reform while eradicating targeted, hateful discrimination that has hurt communities across this county, including my own.”

Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-Missouri). Photo by Deni Kamper



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