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Overland Park, KS — It’s summer. That means it’s a great time to save money and eat a little better at the same time. Fresh fruits and veggies can cost a lot, But they don’t have to bust your budget.

Some tips to same money are simple. Only buy what you and your family can eat in a week. Don’t buy more, unless you plan on freezing your produce quickly. It will spoil before you can serve it. That means you’ll just be throwing out your money! Another tip is to make a meal plan and stick to it. Buy only what you need to make those meals.

If you rely on food stamps to feed your family, don’t count out a trip to a farmers market. Ask about the Beans and Greens program at the info booth at the market near you. If it participates, the market will match up to $25 a week for anyone using food stamps. That means if you spend $25, you’ll be able to spend $50 at the market. But you don’t have to spend $25. You can spend as little at $5 and get $10.

If a grocery store is more convenient, you can save money on organic options. Check out a site like . You’ll find everything from coupons and sales on organic baby food to natural cleaning products! You can also use coupons at grocery store chains like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.