Could your electronic devices be giving you rashes?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As if we didn't have enough allergies to deal with -- recent medical reports show your electronics might be getting in on the action.

Have a rash but don't know where it came from? Turns out your iPad or other popular electronics might be to blame.

A recent report in Pediatrics says an iPad caused a boy in a San Diego hospital to form a rash. Turns out iPads may contain nickel, too -- one of the most common allergy inducing metals. Dr. Daniel Aires, the director of dermatology at the University of Kansas Hospital, says nickel allergies are very common in jewelry, jeans buttons and even in certain electronic devices.

"These are uncomfortable and annoying, and the best treatment is to get the allergic person away from the allergen," Dr. Aires said.

Not to worry iPad lovers, Dr. Aires says covering the device is an easy solution.



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