Couples profess their passion by “locking their love” to a Kansas City bridge

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Are you looking for a unique way to profess your love on this Valentine’s Day? How about locking it to a bridge, the city’s Old Red Bridge to be exact. We saw a couple strolling through Minor Park, on their way to the bridge.

“Definitely something really different. I don’t think we know anybody who’s done something like this,” Shane Dooley said.

Dooley and Whitney Sharitz are locking their love to the bridge, literally.

“It’s a heart lock and it has our initials on it with the date and it says ‘Locked Love,'” Sharitz said.

They’ve been dating for 10 years and engaged for one month. The couple says it’s time to make their relationship official. They believe this is the perfect way to do it and they aren’t alone.

“It started with one cute little red lock and we’ve got about 200 locks out here on the bridge,” Heidi Downer said.

Downer is a spokesperson for Kansas City’s parks and recreation department. She pointed out her favorite lock, her own.

“My boyfriend and I locked our love out here around this time last year and now we’re engaged,” Downer said.

Heidi said the city was looking for a unique way to use the Old Red Bridge and started the tradition. The act is similar to Paris’ famous “Love Lock” bridge.

“To see the various, unique locks that are out here and the ways people choose to express their love is really heartwarming,” Downer said.

Enough to warm your heart, even on a cold day. Just ask the couple we ran into.

“I’m lucky she held on,” Dooley said.

The city plans to light up the bridge Friday night and Saturday night until 10 o’clock so you can lock your love to it. For more details, please click on this link for information from Kansas City Parks.



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